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About Calligraphy by MCW

Calligraphy by MCW was founded in 2019. 

My background is in PR and marketing and I have over six years of experience curating campaigns and events for premium brands. In 2016, I first tried my hand at modern calligraphy. At first, it was a way to switch off from my busy job and a way of further exploring my love of design. Very quickly it became more than a hobby and I fell in love. I discovered pure joy in the written word. I wanted to share my love of the written word and the joy it gave me with others and so, with a lot of amazing support from friends and family, I decided to set up Calligraphy by MCW. 

Since launching, I have worked with international brands such as Guinness, Baileys, Rituals, Smirnoff, Skechers, Boots, Roe & Co and Smirnoff. 

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” ~ Native American Proverb

Quality and excellence are at the heart of Calligraphy by MCW. Part of that promise is always aiming for the highest standard in sustainability.

Calligraphy by MCW pieces are designed to last a lifetime. Suppliers and materials have been carefully selected to ensure sustainability is at the centre of the design process.


Paper is regarded as one of the world’s great sustainable products, made from renewable raw material. The paper used in Calligraphy by MCW pieces is fully recyclable and biodegradable and is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited, which means that the pulps used are from managed forests.

Suppliers & Supplies

From framers to print partners and suppliers, Marie-Claire works with trusted suppliers who share her values on quality and sustainability and are committed to providing the greenest options available.

Calligraphy by MCW packaging is plastic-free, eco-friendly and recyclable. This includes eco-friendly and recyclable bubble wrap, recycled board and corner protectors, eco-friendly tape and boxes. 

Calligraphy by MCW greeting cards are also packed in envelopes made solely from environmentally friendly materials. They are plastic-free, promoting sustainable forests and reducing the environmental impact of harmful products. Plastic-free peelable stickers, instead of plastic coverings, are used to hold the envelopes and cards together.


Marie-Claire strives for minimal waste in her studio. From test cards and samples to parcels from suppliers; almost everything is reused or recycled.

“I aim do the best I can to make a positive impact on the environment and am always looking for ways to improve in finding the perfect sustainable solution through my work” 


From brand collaborations, to one-of-a-kind commissions, and her collection of prints and cards, each creation is designed to bring joy and last forever. 


Quality and excellence are at the heart of Calligraphy by MCW.

From beautiful, luxury paper to quality wooden frames, each piece is designed to last a lifetime.


Sustainability is at the centre of the design process.

From framers to print partners, Marie-Claire works with trusted suppliers who share her values on quality and sustainability.


Delight in bespoke design.

Each piece is lovingly crafted by Marie-Claire Whelan in her signature handwritten style